Concealed Carry Holsters

Concelaed carry holster - J frame

This website is designed to provide helpful information about concealed carry holsters and their general uses. It’s also designed to provide useful information to assist you in understanding and selecting a concealed carry holster.

But when searching for a concealed carry holster, what factors and information do you need to help make an educated purchase?

At last count there were probably close to 200 different brands of various gun holsters and concealed carry holsters on the market today. On top of that some of those brands may have anywhere from 10 to 50 different models to choose from. In addition, new holster makers are constantly entering the market all the time. With all those selections, it’s no wonder people have trouble making a decision.  That’s also one of the reasons that handgun owners typically end up with a drawer full of various gun holsters that no longer use. Utilizing a trial and error approach, those folks are typically testing different gun holsters until they find the one or ones that best suit their needs. This trial and error approach can become expensive and frustrating.

Maybe I can help here. This web site is designed to be a guide to help you with your concealed carry holster buying decision. Even if you are an experienced shooter, you may find some useful information here. I’ll do my best to explain all the important features so you can choose the very best gun holster for YOU and your needs. If you don’t mind, I’ll also make some recommendations on some holster features that you may find useful, and recommend some specific brands of holsters that I really like.

A couple of the things that I hope to discuss on this site include:

  • Defining and explaining common terminology associated with gun holsters.
  • Discussing various forms of gun holster materials along with any pros and cons.
  • Reviewing gun holster styles and common applications of those styles
  • Reviewing and evaluating various holster brands
  • Assisting you in evaluating and selecting a gun holster to best suit for your needs.

concealed carry holsterA quick qualifier about this site and my opinions.  While some of the things that I’m going to discuss are based on recognized facts within the gun holster industry, other information will be based on my personal experiences and  opinions.  With that being said, please realize that your mileage may vary. Also note that in no way do I consider myself an “expert” on gun holsters.  I would say that I’m fairly well versed in gun holsters and have enough experience to make me dangerous.

Now let’s get started talking about concealed carry holster models.

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