Bersa Thunder .380 Holsters

The Bersa Thunder .380 was produced and introduced into the market in 1995 by the Bersa SA Corporation out of Argentina. In addition to the Thunder .380, Bersa also makes several other Thunder models, including:

  • Thunder 22
  • Thunder .380 Plus – Which is basically the same as the Thunder .380 but uses an extended magazine.
  • Thunder .380 Concealed Carry (CC)
  • Thunder 9 Pro
  • Thunder .40 Pro
  • Thunder 9 Ultra Compact Pro
  • Thunder 40 Ultra Compact Pro
  • Thunder 45 Ultra Compact Pro

While the other Thunder models have had some success, the original Thunder .380 is Bersa’s top-selling pistol.

Bersa Thunder 380 Holster Options

Bersa decided to chamber this model in the .380 caliber in light of the popularity of this round internationally. Many countries have legislation and laws that restrict the caliber of handguns that civilians can possess.  In most countries, the .380 is the upper limit of these restrictions.

The most common complaint with the Bersa is the grip size. People with large hands sometimes complain that they have a problem getting a full grip on the weapon. One solution for that issue involves using a +1 or +2 mag extension that adds length to the overall grip.

Bersa Thunder 380 Pistol

The Bersa Thunder 380 has several safety features built into it, including:

  • A slide-mounted manual safety and decocker that blocks the hammer from making contact with the firing pin.
  • A magazine disconnect safety that prevents firing if a magazine is not inserted
  • A long double-action (DA) first trigger pull with an inertial firing pin
  • An integral key-operated trigger lock (in some models).

The Bersa Thunder 380 model’s success led Bersa to introduce a lighter variant of the Thunder 380, called the “Concealed Carry” model. Bersa also introduced a higher capacity version of the Thunder with a 15 round magazine called the “Bersa Thunder 380 Plus”.

As the Thunder .380 is a popular model, finding a Bersa Thunder 380 holster isn’t all that hard. Some people seem to think that the Bersa Thunder will also fit a holster for the Walther PPK or PPKS, but that isn’t the case.

The Thunder .380 makes a good choice for both concealed carry or home defense.  It’s light enough to carry for long periods of time and has enough firepower to deal with most self-defense issues. It’s also very affordably priced at a sub $350 price point. Personally, I’ve seen several full-size 380 pistol models that cost twice as much as the Thunder 380 but don’t perform half as well.

Below are some of the best deals we could find on Bersa Thunder 380 holster models.

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Here are some frequently asked questions that I see regarding holsters for the Bersa Thunder 380:

Will a Bersa Thunder 380 Concealed Carry pistol fit into a holster made for a regular Thunder 380?

The Bersa Thunder .380 and the Thunder .380 Concealed Carry model are basically the same handgun, except that the Concealed Carry model has a longer grip and longer magazine. Since the grip length doesn’t play a role in holster fit, a Bersa Thunder 380 CC model will fit into a holster made for a standard Thunder .380.

Where can I find a leather shoulder holster for a Bersa thunder 380?

There are several good shoulder holster models on the market for the Bersa Thunder 380. Most of those models are made from either ballistic nylon or leather. Here’s a list of some of the more popular shoulder holsters for the Thunder 380 pistol.

What’s the best holster for Bersa Thunder 380?

Trying to rate something as the “best” is always a challenge as it’s strictly based on an opinion or set of opinions, and opinions can vary greatly. Plus, there are many variables that play a role in the answer.

The best for what type of use?

  • Concealed carry?
  • Range use?
  • Best to wear while jogging?

The better question to ask is what’s the best Bersa Thunder .380 holster for you and your needs? Answering that question may involve some trial and error as you test out different types of holsters.