Sig P220 Holsters

The Sig P220 was developed by Sig Arms in 1974. It was originally developed for the Swiss Army as a replacement for the Sig P210 which had been in use since WWII. The original P220 was chambered in 9mm and was adopted by the Swiss military in 1975. Within two years, other nations including Japan and Denmark adopted the P220 for use within their military.

The original P220 was available in either a 9mm, 38 Super, or .45 cal. P220’s chambered in these calibers would carry 8, 9 or 10 rounds depending on the caliber. In 1990, Sig started producing the P220 in only a .45 ACP caliber. The current P220’s come in a 8+1 capacity.

The success of the P220 in .45 ACP spawned a number of variants including the P220R (with a rail), P220 Compact, P220 Carry, P220 Combat, and P220-ST.

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