FIST Holsters

FIST Inc. is a NY-based company that features custom leather products, law enforcement training supplies, and self-defense materials.  There are probably best known in the handgun industry for their in-depth line of gun holsters. As a custom leather shop, FIST holsters has the ability to produce some of the finest quality leather holsters on the market.

FIST holsters

While most custom leather shops have molds of various holsters, they usually don’t allow for much customization beyond that point.  FIST Inc. takes a completely different approach and gives the customer the ability to add a number of additional options or upgrades at the time that the order is placed.  For example, a customer can order a leather holster, upgrade to hand boning, add a body shield, add a tension screw; and have this holster in their hands in 6-9 weeks (at least that was the turnaround time when last checked).

fist leather holsters

Unlike some other holster makers, FIST uses a heavier grade of leather for all of their holsters.  Leather is assigned a rating based on the weight of one square foot of the leather.  Many holster makers use a 6-7 ounce grade leather for holsters, while FIST uses an 8-9 ounce grade.

FIST also offers a full array of dye colors so the customer can choose from 8 different colors. FISt also takes a different approach to their line of Kydex holsters.  Most Kydex (or thermoplastic) holster makers use a fairly heavy gauge of Kydex that is usually around .70 of an inch.  FIST uses a much thinner Kydex and it’s available in two different grades: thin and ultra-thin.  The ultra-thin has to be the thinnest Kydex I’ve ever seen and is best suited for IWB applications.  The thin variant is also very thin, and is better suited to outside the waistband holsters.

Fist holsters offer a wide array of various gun holster models and styles (probably at least 50 different models between their leather and Kydex models), so chances are you can find something in their line that will work for you,

Here are a couple of FIST holsters located for sale: