Sig SP2022 Holsters

The Sig Sauer SP2022 pistol was originally designed as a handgun for the French military in 2002. France was looking for a new military sidearm chambered in 9mm and opted to go with the SP2022. The “SP” designation means “Sig Pro” and refers to the 2022 being part of the Sig Pro series of handguns. Sig, believing that the SP2022 would be a competitive option for law enforcement, introduced it to the U.S. in 2003.

Sig SP2022 FDE 9mm

When Sig introduced the SP2022 into the US, they first chambered it in .40 S&W, in an effort to target the U.S. law enforcement market. In 2004, Sig introduced the 9mm version of the SP2022 into the U.S. market. While the SP2022 was not Sig’s first entry into the polymer frame handgun market (that would be the Sig 2340), it was one of their more popular models. Although the Sig P320 series has overtaken the 2022 in terms of polymer frame success stories from Sig, the SP2022 is still currently in production.

Another area where the SP2022 differs from many other Sig pistols in the “P” series (Such as the P228, P229, P226, etc.) is the fact that it is built with a 1913 picatinny rail integrated into the frame versus the typical Sig rail found on most other Sig handguns. This was done by design as Sig felt that the 1913 rail would make the 2022 a more attractive option for the law enforcement market.

Sig SP2022 Belt Holster

Although the SP2022 never really caught on as well as Sig has hoped, I’ve always felt it was a sleeper pistol that was way ahead of it’s time for the following reasons:

  • It combined very similar operation controls found on the P series guns
  • Was extremely light compared to a steel frame Sig
  • Had the 1913 picatinny rail which is standard on most pistols today
  • Was extremely reliable
  • It cost significantly less than the more popular Sig P series

Here are some of the more interesting questions that I see posted and asked about Sig SP2022 holsters:

I’ve heard that the SP2340 and the SP2022 will fit into the same holster. Is that correct?

Not exactly. Both pistols are very similarly sized, but there’s one glaring difference that is an issue with holsters. The SP2022 has a 1913 picatinny rail and the 2340 has a standard Sig rail. While that might not sound like much of a different, the 1913 rail is much wider, deeper, and longer than the Sig rail. The difference is what keeps the SP2022 into fitting a holster made for the SP2340.

Is the SP2022 too large to carry concealed?

Like anything in life, opinions will vary. In my humble opinion, its not too large for CCW. It’s not exactly “ideal” either, but not impossible to carry concealed. From a size standpoint, the 2022 is very close to the Sig P229, so carrying it concealed is certainly possible.

I read in a forum that the SP2022 will fit into a holster made for the Sig P229? Does anyone know if that’s right?

While the 2022 and the 229 are somewhat (and I emphasize “somewhat”) close in size, they have completely different dimensions. As such, an SP2022 won’t really fit into a Sig P229 holster.

I like carrying my SP2022 with the hammer cocked. Is there a holster out there with a retention strap that will allow me to carry it with the hammer cocked?

Let me answer this in two parts:

(1) The SP2022 (like most other Sig classic P series models) is a DA/SA pistol, which means that it can operate in double action mode or in single action mode. Normally, the pistol is fired in double action mode, and, after the first shot, the pistol switches over to single action mode. This pistol is not a true single action handgun in the sense that it does not have any single action safety mechanisms like you would normally find on a true single handgun (a thumb safety and/or grip safety). Therefore, it’s not designed to be safely carried with the hammer cocked.

(2) I’m not aware of any holster brands on the market that offer a holster with a retention strap or thumb break made with the SP2022 being carried with the hammer cocked because it’s not meant to be carried that way.