Taurus PT-111 PT-140 PT-145 Millennium Pro Holsters

Introduced to the market by Taurus Manufacturing in 2005, the Millennium Pro model was intended to be an upgrade over the standard Taurus Millennium series.  Like the Millennium series, the Pro series was specifically designed to target the civilian concealed carry, self defense, and law enforcement markets.


The Millennium Pro is a striker fired, double/single action handgun built on a polymer frame.  Taurus is now offering the slides in a blued model, stainless steel, and the new titanium (designed to further reduce weight). The Millennium Pro series is produced in a .380, 9mm, .40 cal. S&W, and .45 ACP calibers.  Regardless of the caliber, all Mill Pro weapons feature a double stack magazine.  The magazine capacity varies between 6 and 12 rounds, depending on the handgun model and specific caliber.

The Millennium Pro series is very similar to the standard PT series, but is also noticeably different. These differences include an increased magazine capacity, reduced trigger travel with a smoother and lighter trigger pull, an lighter frame, and an improved more ergonomic grip design. Some other major differences include the upgraded Heine sights and an integrated accessory rail.

Taurus PT-145 Mill Pro

Although the Mill Pro series comes in different calibers, most are designed around the same frame so most of the series have very similar dimensions.  This makes gun holsters for the Mill Pro weapons somewhat interchangeable.  For the most part, any holster that fits any of the Mill Pro weapons will fit all the Mill Pro series.  So a holster designed for the PT-145 Mill Pro should also fit the PT-140 and PT-111 Mill Pro.

While the holsters for the Millennium Pro series are interchangeable, they won’t generally fit the traditional Millennium weapons.  The design differences in the 3rd generation (Millennium Pro) series created different dimensions that won’t match up to a Millennium weapon.  As such, the Millennium series will only fit holsters that are specifically designed for those models (PT-111, PT-140, and PT-145)

If you compare all the features and function of the Millennium Pro to it’s price, you’ll have to agree that it’s a great deal for the money.

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