Sig P225 Holsters

The Sig P225 is a 9mm handgun that was the first handgun to be produced under the Sig-Sauer name. In the mid 1970’s, the German national police decided to upgrade to newer handguns and had specific requirements for this new weapon. A number of handgun makers including Sig, Walther, and H&K, were asked to submit models for consideration. Sig took a P220 and adjusted it to fit the listed requirements: 9mm caliber, single stack magazine, decocker, and high reliability. Sig called the new design the P225 and submitted it for review. German police decided on the Sig P225, but SIG didn’t have the facilities to meet the need and timetable for the German police contract. In order to be bale to meet the contract demand, SIG acquired a controlling interest in the J.P. Sauer manufacturing company.

The P225 was known as the P6 in Germany, and became the standard police sidearm for Germany until 1995. The 225 and P6 models were discontinued in 1998. All P225’s and P6 weapons were produced in Germany.

From a holster perspective, the 225 and P6 are very similar in size to the older Sig P228 so many holster makers will fit the 228 and the 225 in the same holster. While this weapon was very popular in Europe, it didn’t catch on as well in the US.

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