Mitch Rosen Holsters

Based out of New Hampshire, Mitch Rosen Leather has been producing custom made gun holsters for over 20 years. Originally, the company name was Mitchell Leatherworks, but Mitch later changed the name to Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gunleather. Nearly everything that Rosen produces is custom made and hand finished. Rosen uses top quality leather so the fit and finish is excellent.

mitch rosen sport holster
They offer three different lines of holster models:

  • Express Line – Mitch’s most affordable line. The Express line doesn’t have all the fancy boning and finishing. Most all Rosen dealers only carry this line.
  • Standard Line – A step up from the Express line offering most all the bells and whistles including hand boning.
  • Slim Line – This line is only comprised of IWB holsters and are the top of the line (except for exotics) in terms of price and quality. They are designed for concealment and are extremely thin. I’ve got a few Slim line holsters and they are excellent.
  • Exotics – Mitch will do a number of different holsters in various exotic hides or skins. Expect to pay handsomely, but you’ll have a beautiful, one of a kind holster.

Mitch’s holsters are extremely well made. So much so, that they take quite a bit of time to break-in. However, once broken in, you’ll have a really nice, functional holster that does what it’s suppose to. Rosen holsters aren’t the least expensive models, but they are worth the money.

If you are interested in a Rosen holster, you might be able to find one here:

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