Glock 27 Holsters

The Glock 27 was introduced in 1995, at the same time that the Glock 26 was brought to market. The Glock 27 is built on the same frame size as the Glock 26, but is chambered for the potent S&W .40 caliber round. Like the G-26, the Glock 27 was a near instant hit for those looking for a .40 caliber back-up weapon, self defense handgun, or concealed carry choice.


The Glock 27 standard magazine holds 9 rounds of .40 cal. ammo, which is one less than the 9mm Glock 26. Like the Glock 26, the G-27 is also available with aftermarket mag extensions that will increase the mag capacity by one or two. Those same mag extensions can also offer a pinky extension that offers additional grip area for the last 2 fingers of the shooting hand. The larger magazines of the Glock 22 or Glock 23 will also fit the G-27, although the mags extend well below the grip of the pistol. Although parts are not specifically interchangeable between the two weapons, either weapon will fit a holster designed for the other. So a Glock 26 holster will fit a G-27 as well and vice-versa.

The more potent .40 S&W features more felt recoil and muzzle lift in the G-27 as compared to the 9mm G-26. While the weapon is controllable and a very effective self defense round, the recoil is stout in such a small package. A positive grip is a must for control and accuracy.


While the G-27 is compact, it’s not the smallest handgun on the market. While it seems to work great for most forms of carry and most holster designs, it may not  be th ebest choice for pocket carry unless you have deep or large pockets. As the G-27 is a double stack design, it weights close to 25 or 26 ounces. While that doesn’t sound like much weight, when comparing that to a single stack design like the Kel-Tec P-40, which weights about 20 ounces fully loaded, it’s a noticeable difference.

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