Glock 26 Holsters

In 1995 Glock introduced the Glock 26 series, which was a long awaited subcompact version of the Glock 19 series. The Glock 26 was the smallest pistol that Glock had ever entered into the U.S. market. Designed for concealed carry and civilian use, the G-26 was significantly smaller than the Glock 19, but had most all the features of the larger Glocks.


Chambered for 9mm rounds, the Glock 26 carried 10 rounds in a standard magazine. Glock also offered an extended +2 round baseplate that would extend the magazine capacity to 12 rounds. Interestingly enough,the longer mags from a Glock 19 could also be used in the G-26. Most consumers and shooters are of the opinion that the Glock 26 was really just a shortened version of the Glock 19 (hence the common nickname of a “Baby Glock”), but in reality the G-26 was basically reworked from the frame forward in an effort to make it smaller, yet just as functional.


An instant hit with consumers, the Glock 26 spawned a number of other Glock subcompact handguns in other calibers including the Glock 27 in .40 cal. and the Glock 33 in .357 Sig. While the G-26 didn’t replace the Glock 19 in terms of popularity, it did establish itself as the first true concealed carry handgun from Glock. In addition to the size differences, the G-26 doesn’t feature an integrated light rail that is found on the larger Glocks and cannot carry a weapon light without aftermarket modifications.

As popular as the G-26 has become, nearly every holster maker or holster company produces a holster or holsters for the 26. While the G-26 is versatile, it works extremely well carried IWB or OWB. It seems a bit wide for pocket carry, although it can be done. The 10 factory 10 round offers more than enough rounds to deal with most self defense situations.

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