Kimber Ultra Carry Holsters

Kimber’s version of the popular Colt Defender is one of the company’s most popular 1911 variants. While many have their own opinion on the reliability of a short barreled 1911 style pistol, the Kimber Ultra Carry series is still a favorite of many concealed weapon permit holders.


One of the main reasons for its popularity is its light weight. The Kimber Ultra Carry pistols weigh just 25 ounces (this is 13 ounces less than a full-size 1911 Government model). The light weigh combined with the shorter Officer’s length grip and three inch barrel make the pistol very easy to conceal.

The Kimber Ultra Carry is known for its quality and reliability. All Kimber pistols feature a match grade barrel, chamber and trigger. Ultra Carry bull barrels are fitted directly to the slide, keeping maximum weight forward to reduce recoil and speed sight recovery time between shots. To ensure dependability, Ultra Carry aluminum frames are machined on the same computer-driven machines and to the same tolerances as Kimber steel frames. The frames are machined from solid bricks of 7075-T7 aluminum have been tested by the factory to over 20,000 rounds without meaningful wear.

These appealing features make selecting a holster for the Kimber Ultra Carry series relatively easy. Almost all (if not all) holster manufacturers make a holster for the 1911 style pistols. This means the selection of styles, colors, materials, and quality range is tremendous. A user can select anything from a basic nylon holster designed for a “small frame automatic”, to a custom made leather holster by one of the world famous holster makers that carries a hefty price tag as well as a wait that could be as long as two years or more. The choices are limitless.


The two most popular ways to carry the Kimber Ultra Carry are in a belt holster of some kind or in an inside the waistband (IWB) model. Belt holster vary in style- leather open top models, leather belt models with a thumb break, leather paddle holsters, kydex belt holster, kydex paddle holster – all are a great choice for carrying the Ultra Carry concealed. Many people may own more than one holster for their Ultra Carry also. For example, if you live in a warm climate, a kydex holster may be a great choice for summer carry, while a leather holster may be the preferred choice in the cooler months.

There are many great holster choices from a variety of very good holster manufacturers. Finding a Kimber Ultra Carry holster will not be difficult, it will just take some experimentation to find which holster or holsters will work for you.

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