Guide to Gun Holsters

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Like the name implies, this site is about gun holsters. Out of all the accessories that are available for handguns, gun holsters may be one of the most difficult to deal with. Not because gun holsters are complicated, but because there are thousands of different holster makers, holster models, and styles.

The difficult part with holsters is wading through all the possible choices and style to find the one that works best for you. With the thousands of different choices, making a educated decision can be difficult. Couple the huge selection of holsters with all the aggressive marketing from holster makers who each tout their product as being #1, and the task of choosing a holster can become overwhelming.

IWB Holster - Sig P228

Typically, most handgunners end up doing a sort of purchase and evaluation process that continues until they find a holster that they can live with. For this reasons, many people end with a ton of surplus holsters that they no longer use or want.

The focus of this blog is to identify all the different types and styles of holsters, and provide some pros and cons for the different styles.

Some of the topics I hope to address:

  • A review of the different materials used for gun holsters
  • A review of the different types of holsters
  • A review of the different holster manufacturers
  • A review of individual holster models (if possible)

Hopefully, you will find some of this information useful when you are searching for that “perfect” holster.