Kimber K6S Holsters

When Kimber introduced the K6S revolver in 2015, it was the first revolver that Kimber offered commercially. Designed to target the concealed carry and home defense market, the K6S has a trick up it’s sleeve: where most 357 snub nosed revolvers are built to only carry 5 shots, the K6S is one of the first snubbies on the market to be a legitimate 6 shooter.

The K6S is manufactured from stainless steel and is available in either 2″ or 3″ barrel. When the 2″ models were first introduced in 2015, only the 2″ models were available. The success of the 2″ versions led Kimber to offer a 3″ model in 2016. Since then Kimber has expanded the K6S models to include a number of 2″ and 3″ models in different configurations and different finishes.

Kimber K6S 2" model

Although the idea of having a 6 shot revolver manufactured in stainless steel sounds like the K6S would be heavy, especially compared to a 5 shot snub nosed model like the Ruger SP-101, the K6S is actually fairly lightweight with the 2″ models weighing in at just over 23 ounces unloaded. Currently, the K6S is only chambered in .357 Magnum, which means it will fire a .357 Magnum or .38 Special caliber.

Looking through forums and talking to K6S owners, here are some questions that I’ve seen in relation to gun holsters for the Kimber K6S:

Where can I find a Kimber K6S LG holster model to fit a K6S with the Crimson Trace lasergrips?

Kimber does in fact offer a version of the K6S with Crimson Trace laser grips as a factory option, and Crimson Trace sells the laser grip models for the K6S series separately as well. As a result, an owner could purchase and mount the laser grips to most any K6S model. In terms of a holster for the K6S with Crimson Trace lasergrips, some holster brands will fit fine, while other brands won’t fit the Crimson Trace laser grips at all. Most any holster made with a thumb break or retention strap won’t really fit the K6S with CT grips as the grips interfere with the thumb break snapping closed. Some models that I’ve seen work well with the K6S models with the crimson trace laser grips are Don Hume, MTR Custom, and Desantis Holsters.

I see holsters made for the K6S with a 2″ barrel, but can’t find one made for my 3″ model?

Most holster makers only fit for the K6S 2″ models as they have difficulty getting their hands on a mold or plastic gun mold of the K6S in a 3″. Until someone offers a K6S 3″ mold for holster makers to use, you’re best bet will be to either buy a model made for the 2″ version with an open bottom, or just wait until the holster industry catches up to the 3″ models.

I like the K6S 2″ but really want a holster with either an internal lock (like the Blackhawk Serpa style) or a retention strap. Where can I find one?

To my knowledge, Blackhawk does not offer the Serpa series of holsters in a version to fit the K6S 2″ or 3″ models yet. While I’m sure you can probably find a holster with a retention strap or thumb break for the K6S on the market, I’m not sure how well they would retain the revolver. I say that based on the hammerless design of the K6S, so there isn’t really anything for the thumb strap to secure to (compared to something like a Ruger SP-101 with an exposed hammer). I suppose you could have a thumb break that went over the flat area where the grip ends, but there’s really nothing to hold the strap in place, or keep it from sliding off the grip area. Honestly, if you are really interested in carrying a holster with retention, then there are better revolver options than the K6S.

Ki,ber K6S Paddle Holster

I’ve heard that the Kimber K6S will fit in a holster made for a Ruger SP-101? Does anyone know if that’s right?

While the Kimber K6S and the SP-101 are very similar in size and shape, I personally don’t think a K6S fits into a holster made for a Ruger SP-101 all that well. The Ruger is a 5 shot while the Kimber is a 6 shot, so the cylinder on the K6S is wider and the frame is different as the K6S has a more squared off full lug. Now, could you buy an SP-101 holster and try to stretch it to fit? Sure you could, but why bother when there a holsters made specifically for the K6S on the market?

Does anyone know where to find speedloader pouches or carriers for the K6S?

Now that one I’m not sure about as I haven’t seen anyone on the market yet offering speedloader pouches for the K6S. I am not saying they aren’t out there, I just haven’t seen them yet.

I’m holster shopping and see some plastic holsters made for the Kimber K6S. I’m worried that the plastic material used in the holster will damage the finish of the revolver?

Here’s my opinion on that: If you buy a handgun or revolver as a collectible, then treat it as a collectible and don’t carry it for CCW. If it’s not a collectible or have sentimental value, then it’s basically a tool and should be treated as much. Now, I’m off my soapbox and will try to answer the question. Kydex as a material has pros and cons, with one con being the fact that kydex does tend to wear on the finish quicker than leather, but it’s not tied to the kydex material itself. The finish wear is more tied to how kydex holster retain the weapon.

Kydex holsters grip the handgun or revolver in two places that are usually around the trigger guard and around the muzzle of the firearm. Those areas will show more finish wear compared to other areas due to the friction that occurs as the handgun is holstered and drawn. Leather holsters also grip the holster in a similar way, but it’s more of an overall griping action compared to a very focused gripping action. That being said, the finish on the K6 models is pretty durable so, while there might be some finish wear from a kydex holster, I’d say it will be minimal.

I’m having trouble finding a Kimber K6S appendix holster? Or a K6S AIWB holster?

There are a number of what I’d consider high quality Kimber K6S holsters that are designed for appendix IWB (which is also called an AIWB holster). Most are kydex models, but there are a few nice leather models. Two holster models that I like as leather AIWB holster options for the K6S are the DeSantis Flex-Tuck, and the MTR Custom Tuckable Adversary.

Here are some holsters made to fit the Kimber K6S. If you don’t see one that you like, try using the search box on the upper right hand side of the site and type in more descrpritie search text like “holster for kimber k6s 3 inch” or “Kimber K6S LG holster”.

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