Bulman Gunleather Holsters

If you’re searching for a battle tested holster style having a match and complete that’s second to none, then Bulman Gunleather may be one for you to look at. Located in Newry, PA; this business was founded by master holster maker Josh Bulman. Bulman’s operation is a entirely made to order provider of gun holsters and shooting accessories.

Bulman Holster OWB

In order to really focus on the holster itself, Bulman only offers a few different holster colors and few add-on options (although he will do custom modifications if asked). This allows Bulman Leather to only do a few things, but do them very well. All the Bulman holster designs are battle tested, many times by fellow master holster makers from companies like Alessi Holsters and Milt Sparks holsters.

One of the things that I truly like about the Bulman line may be the gun to holster fit and the highly detailed finish. Rather than building a holster that requires an extended break-in period, Josh uses extensive boning to mold the holster to the gun. The result is an outstanding fit that really doesn’t require any other tensioning or retention devices. I’m also a big fan of the way that Bulman holster models as they appear extremely well made.

Bulman TSAT2 Holster

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to own a number of various Bulman holsters. I like most every thing he sells, but I do have some favorites. My favorite Bulman IWB is the Professional Dual Clip or PDC. It’s developed as an easy-on or easy-of IWB that uses the Alessi Talon clips to mount on the belt. I truly like this style as it’s contoured to the waistline and almost disappears with the right weapon. Wearing a black belt with the black Alessi clips, makes it even less noticeable. My favorite Bulman OWB is the High Ride or THR. This model is truly developed for medium to compact weapons and, like the name says, rides very high. I love this model for certain handguns as it rides high enough where a simple t-shirt provides superb cover. I will warn you not to make use of this holster with a large or long weapon (like a Beretta 92 or 1911 5″. You’ll never be able to clear leather without dislocating your shoulder.

Over the years, I’ve been surprised at the number of shooters who have never heard of Bulman Gunleather. In part, I suspect it has to do with the fact that Bulman is a recognized and known 1911 fan so he has a huge fan base in that market. Outside of the 1911 line, he isn’t nearly as well known.

Unfortunately, it looks as thought Josh Bulman closed the business around the 2014 time frame. This means that the best place to find a Bulman holster is below.