Highnoon Holsters

Based in FL, Highnoon holsters specializes in concealment holsters in cowhide and horsehide. They offer a number of models including OWB holsters, IWB holsters, pocket holsters, shoulder holsters, and paddle holsters.

In addition to cowhide and horsehide, Highnoon holsters also offers holsters in a soft suede type of material that looks like glove leather. Within their IWB holster line, they also have a tuckable series that can be worn with a tucked shirt.

I have personal experience with Highnoon products, and they offer a good value for the money. Nearly every holster model can be upgraded in some way with additional options like horsehide, suede lining, tension screw, etc.

Shop here for the best prices on Highnoon holsters. If you don’t see the particular Highnoon holster model you are shopping for below, please use the Search box in the upper right hand corner to search our site as we may have it listed somewhere else.

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