Blade-Tech Holsters

Based in the state of Washington, Blade-Tech was one of the first companies on the block to produce holsters exclusively from kydex. At that time, kydex was new to the gun holster market, but Blade-Tech saw the potential for kydex holsters.

blade tech holster

Some holster manufacturers offer holsters in leather only, or leather and kydex; but Blade-Tech is one of the few companies that makes kydex holsters exclusively. They offer a complete line of kydex holsters for nearly every holster application.

blade-tech holsters

In terms of holster models, Blade-Tech produces holster for:

  • OWB
  • IWB
  • Paddle
  • Tasers
  • Chest carry
  • Weapon mounted tactical lights

In addition to their standard kydex line that is sheet molded, Blade-Tech has started offering a less expensive injection-molded line.

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