Glock 17 Holsters

Although the gun industry seemed to have initial concerns about a “plastic handgun” due to perceived (and unfounded) issues with durability and reliability concerns, coupled with the idea that a plastic frame might circumvent metal detectors in airports, Glock went to introduce a line of handguns that is now the most popular choice for various armed forces, security agencies, and police forces across the world.

Glock’s first handgun offering was the Glock 17 model that was first produced in 1980.  The Glock 17 is a 9mm double-action semi-automatic handgun that has a polymer frame and steel slide. The model name “17” was coined because it was the company’s 17th patent.

First deployed to the Austrian Police, the Glock 17 was an instant success and was quickly adopted by the Dutch and Swedish armed forces. The 17 was successful due to its high capacity (17 rounds), lightweight frame, and uncompromising reliability.

Since being introduced in 1980, the Glock 17 model has been released in versions with slight changes and modifications. Each new release is called a “Generation,” and Glock is currently on the 5th generation of the G17. From a Glock 17 holster standpoint, the various generations of the G17 all fit in the same holster. This is due to the changes between the generations being small changes (mostly internal), so the 1st generation of the G17 is basically the same size as the current 5th generation Glock 17.