Glock 29 Holster

Developed and released by Glock in 1997, the Glock 29 model was loosely patterned after the success of the Glock 26 and 27. About the same size as the G-19 series, the G-29 is chambered for the 10mm round.

The Glock 29 was designed as a subcompact 10mm version of the larger Glock 20 that could be easily concealed or used as a back-up. The G-29 mag will carry 10 rounds.

It should be noted that Glock 29 models that were produced from 1997 to 2006 were made without the integrated Glock rail. In 2007, Glock changed the design a little bit and the newer models now have an integrated Glock rail. A newer model G-29 with a rail probably won’t fit in a holster molded on the older non-railed version. The newer G-29 models will require a holster that has been molded on a railed G-29 or G-30.

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