H&K USP Compact Holsters

Built on the highly successful USP series, the H&K USP Compact was introduced in 1994. A scaled down version of the USP, the USP Compact is chambered for all the USP cartridges as well as the .357 Sig. The USP Compact offers a smaller frame and the slide is nearly a full inch shorter.

H&K USP Compact

The Compact series has almost all the features of the standard USP with the except of the recoil reduction system. Due to the shortened frame the Compact has a captive recoil spring with a polymer bushing that is designed to absorb the energy of the recoil.

The USP Compact makes an excellent choice for law enforcement or civilian use. Much like the larger USP, the Compact 9mm, .40. and .357 Sig models will usually fit into one holster; while the .45 ACP version requires a separate holster fit.

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