Colt 1911 Holsters

The Colt 1911 has many fans. Even today, after almost 100 years of service, the 1911 is still the best selling handgun in America.  There are many companies producing 1911 pattern pistols.  They are available in many ways – from basic form with features that mimic the features of the original GI model, to models with full custom features chosen by the individual owner.   When it comes to the 1911, the options are limitless.

Colt 1911 holster

The popularity of the pistol has resulted in a huge selection of holsters for the 1911. Almost all (if not all) holster manufacturers make a holster for the 1911 pistol. There is a huge selection of styles, colors, and materials for 1911 holsters.

Since the choices of 1911 holsters are vast, a good approach to selecting a 1911 holster may be to choose a method of carry (belt, inside the waist band, shoulder holster, etc.) first, then look at models of 1911 holsters that have the features you are looking for, such as thumb break or open top, straight drop or forward cant, leather or kydex.

Once the desired feature set is determined, the next step would be to find manufacturers who offer 1911 holsters that meet the criteria. Depending on what features you choose, you may have hundreds of choices (for example, a leather open top holster with a forward cant), or just a few (a holster that is made of pink weasel leather and is both an inside side the waistband and a shoulder holster).

Your chosen method of carry may also depend on the 1911 you have chosen for self defense. As we mentioned above, the Colt 1911 style pistol is available in many flavors (from basic to full custom), and in a few different materials (most commonly steel or aluminum). The weight of your particular Colt 1911 style pistol may play a big part in what 1911 holster you pick.

Colt 1911 holster exotic skin

Personally, I like to carry an all steel 1911 in a good quality leather inside the waist band holster. I like the additional support that comes from using my body and waistband to hold the pistol close to me.  I do use good belt holsters (both leather and kydex) from time to time, but my first choice for concealed carry is the IWB holster. Of course, I use a quality gun belt regardless of the holster I am wearing.

If your chosen 1911 has an aluminum (or other light weight material) frame, you may prefer another holster type. The lighter gun will be easier to support, so you may find more holster options for the light weight gun than a steel gun.

There are many great holster choices from a variety of very good holster manufacturers. Finding a 1911 holster will not be difficult; it will just take some experimentation to find which holster or holsters will work for you.

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