Beretta 8000 Holsters

The Beretta Cougar series was introduced by Beretta in 1992 as a compact sized handgun for self defense and law enforcement. It was designed to be an a smaller, more concealable alternative to the larger Beretta 92 model.

Beretta 8000 holster options

The Cougar series was produced in a number of variants including the following:

  • 8000 – Chambered for 9mm
  • 8040 – Chambered for a S&W .40 cal.
  • 8357 – Chambered for the .357 Sig caliber
  • 8045 – Chambered for the .45 ACP

Out of all of those models, the model 8000 and the model 8045 were the most popular sellers, followed by the 8040, and then the 8357.

For the most part, the Cougar series was offered in the following configurations:

  • Type D – The models marked as Type D are double-action-only models with a flush-fitting spurless hammer. This model only fires as a DAO pistol and has no safety or decocking lever.
  • Type F – The models marked as Type F is double action/single action with a safety/decocking level to safely decock the pistol from the single action position with the exposed hammer cocked, as well as place the pistol on the safe.
  • Type G – The models marked as Type G are basically the same as Type F, with one notable exception: this model has no safety. The decocking lever on a Type G only decocks the hammer in single-action mode.

The success of the 8040 and the 8045, encouraged Beretta to introduce a Mini Cougar 8000 variant and a Mini-Cougar 8045 variant. Both of these mini models were the same size as the full size version, with the exception of having a slightly shorter grip. The Mini models were Beretta’s version of a more compact Cougar model that Cougar fans had been asking for. The shorter grip on the Mini models meant a slightly lower capacity magazine as well.

The Mini Cougar models were supposedly only offered in a Type F and Type G configuration, but there are rumors of a few Type D models here and there.

In 2005, Beretta elected to discontinue the Cougar series in favor of new polymer framed models like the Beretta 9000 series and the PX-4 Storm. Rather than abandon the Cougar altogether, Beretta licensed the name and production rights to Stoeger Industries, which is a subsidiary company of Beretta. This model is now manufactured as the Stoeger Cougar.

Currently, Stoeger is only producing a single version of the Cougar, which is a model 8000 F variant.

I’ve been fortunate enough to test fire all the Cougar models. While I’m a big fan of the .45 ACP, my favorite Cougar model was the 8000 version. The 8045 models have some recoil, but it’s manageable.

So let’s talk Beretta 8000 holster options:

  • The Beretta Cougar 8000, 8040, and 8357 are basically built on the same frame.
  • The 8045 has a slightly different frame, so some holster brands make specific holster models for the 8045 series, while others lump the 8045 into the same holster made for an 8000 model.

Most of the Stoeger model Cougar pistols are also built on the same frame and will also fit in a Beretta Cougar 8000 holster. The only exception to that rule is the Stoeger 8045 models (that are now discontinued). Most all the Stoegar 8045 models have an integrated picatinny rail built into the frame.

The integrated picatinny rail is only found on the 8045 model so the Stoeger 8045 models will not fit into a holster made for the Beretta 8000. The Stoeger 8045 models require a holster made specifically for the 8045 model that will accommodate the picatinny rail.

Technically the Cougar series are classified as “compact” sized handguns, so they work well for CCW. The most popular holster style for the Cougar pistols in terms of concealed carry is the inside the waistband, or IWB style. This style of holster is worn inside the pants so that the bulk of the handgun is hidden under the pants, with only the grip and top portion of the handgun riding above the belt.


Here are some frequently asked questions that I see regarding holsters for the Beretta Cougar series:

Where can I find a holster to fit a Mini Cougar 8045? I see plenty of places that offer a holster for the full size 8045 but not the Mini Cougar 8045?

Although the Mini Cougar models are smaller than the standard Cougar models, the size difference is in the grip length, which is not affected by the holster fit. Because of this, your Beretta Cougar 8045 Mini will fit into any holster made for a regular Beretta 8045.

Will a Cougar Type D fit into a holster made for a Type G model?

For the most part, a holster made for a Beretta Cougar will fit all 3 of the Type models (D, F, and G). The only exception to that rule is a holster with a thumb break. Most holsters made with a thumb break are molded off a mold made to fit a Type F or Type G model. As the Type D has a flush fitting hammer, and the other types have a full hammer, a holster with a thumb break usually won’t fit well with a Type D gun as the thumb break is too long.

I have a Beretta 8357 which is not a common model. Where can I find a holster to fit it?

You are correct that your 8357 is one of the less common Cougar models. However, the 8357 is built on the same frame as an 8000 model, so, even though it’s a slightly larger caliber, it fits a holster made for a Beretta 8000.

Where can I find a Beretta cougar holster?

So the Cougar is the name that Beretta gave the entire family of 8000 series pistols, but you would be better off to search for a holster made for either a specific model (8000, 8040, etc.) or for just a Beretta 8000 holster. If you have an 8045 model, then you may need to look specifically for a holster made for the 8045 model.

Can you recommend a Beretta cougar 8040 holster?

There are a number of good quality holster models on the market for a Beretta 8040 pistol. Without knowing exactly what type of holster that you are looking for for, or how you plan to carry the pistol, it’s hard to offer any suggestions without knowing more details. The two most popular holster styles for the Cougar series are either IWB holsters or OWB (outside the waistband) holsters.

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