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Manufactured by Beretta, the model 92 was actually designed with features from the Beretta M1922 and the M1951. Beretta designers designed Carlo Beretta, Giuseppe Mazzetti and Vittorio Valle created the first prototype 92 in 1972. After some testing and revisions, the model 92 was introduced to the handgun market in 1975.

beretta 92 holster

From 1975 to 1976, an estimated 5000 of the original model 92 weapons were produced and sold. In 1977, Beretta wanted to get the 92 into the military and law enforcement markets. In order to meet requirements from both areas, Beretta modified the 92 to include a combined safety and decocking lever. Called the 92S (“S” denoting a safety), this model was deployed to most Italian law enforcement and military units. Interestingly enough, this model also featured a mag release lever on the bottom on the mag so mags from this version won’t interchange with later 92 models.

Beretta went on the create a number of variants and make modifications as needed by military and law enforcement. In 1985, the Beretta 92FS won the Unite States Armed Forces contract and replaced the venerable Colt Government 1911 as the official sidearm of the U.S. military. Although this version is a 92F, it’s called a Beretta M9 by military personnel. In effort to reduce weight (a completely metal unloaded 92FS weighed in at a little over 32 ounces), Beretta started using some limited polymer based parts inside the 92’s in 2003.

At one point in time, all five of the branches of the U.S. military (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard)  were being issued the Beretta M9 as their standard sidearm. This ended in 2006, when the US Coast Guard switched to the the Sig Sauer P229 as their standard issue sidearm.

Beretta-92-InoxThe 92 now has a number of distinct models and variants. It’s important to understand what constituents a model or operational difference versus a variant. The models below have different operations but are still built on a base model 92:

F Models –  Also called the 92SB-F, the model 92F was released in 1983 after modifications were requested on the design and function.

G Models –  The G models (so named as they specifically designed for the French “Gendarmerie Nationale”) were adopted by the French Military as their primary sidearm. This version features a manual decocking lever only instead of the safety-decocking lever found on the 92FS.

DS Models – Designed for law enforcement use, the DS models are “double action only” pistols so that the hammer always follows the slide forward to come to rest in the double action position (the hammer never stays cocked). The hammer spur has been removed, and is flush with the rear of the slide.This model also has the safety lever.

D Models – Designed and deployed at the request of specific law enforcement applications and agencies, the D models are also “double action only” pistols. This version is identical to the DS models but without the manual safety.

Centurion Models – Predominately produced for military use in other countries, the Centurion model feature the frame and magazine capacity of the standard 92FS model and the reduced length of the Compact version. In addition to the basic Centurion, Beretta also produced variants including Special G Centurion, DS Centurion and D Centurion models, which are available in certain countries.

Inox Models – Produced for marine and hard use applications, the Inox 92 features a special stainless steel finish. The word Inox is derived from the Italian word “inoxidable” meaning non-oxidizing. The Inox has a number of parts (internal and external) made from stainless steel.

With several million 92’s in action and still in production, the 92 series has been one of the most popular handguns of the 20th century. Based on sheer numbers in use, finding a Beretta 92 holster really should not be a problem. Nearly every mainstream gun holster in the world produces a model for that weapon.

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